Chang Moo Kwan - San Pedro

May 17, 2013 - Videos

May 17, 2013

Chang Moo Kwan San Pedro held a test at the YMCA Social Hall. The students must demonstrate a profieciency in the following areas.

  1. Kima Ju Se
  2. Studio Techniques 1 - 5
  3. Stranger Danger
  4. Forms
  5. Ground Techniques

The requirements to pass to the next belt level depends on the belt level they are working on. - Review "Belt / Level" requirements for more information about a particular belt rank.

The video for the May 17th test was seaparated up into nine segments. Clike on the video link below to choose the video link you would like to review.

If the video is not working please try either Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Also please leave comments below the videos.

Chang Moo Kwan - White Belt
Chang Moo Kwan - 1st stripe White Belt
Chang Moo Kwan - 1 yellow Belt
Chang Moo Kwan 2 yellow belt
Chang Moo Kwan - 3 yellow 1 blue
Changmookwan - Demonstration
Chang Moo Kwan
changmookwan forms
Changmookwan - forms
Changmookwan - Fighting Technique
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