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We Have Video

Chang Moo Kwan San Pedro's goal is to enable every student to "Cultivate their Capabilities" having videos enables the student to prepare better, and to review their tests. The video gives the student better feed back. I hope over time the students can review their tests and see their progress through the different tests over time.

When a judge gives the student a certificate it does not give a grade for the test. Using the video the students can review their test and reflect on what they are doing well and review areas they need to improve on.

You can find the video by the menu or by following th links on different video pages.

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Tests Video

  1. May 17, 2013

Demonstrations video

  1. YMCA Demo April 2013

Instructional Video

  1. Kima Ju Se - no link
  2. fighting techniques - no link
  3. Forms - Kibone
  4. Forms - Pyan Dan
  5. Forms - Chul gi - no link
  6. Stranger Danger - no link
  7. Ground Techniques - no link
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