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The belt sytem is a wonderful way in the Dojang to distinguish students levels or expected levels of expertise in the martial art. There were supposedly only two belts prior to the 1950's. White and Black. I do not know why only White and black and I can not find any real history explaining white and black. Some people think it is becuase after you trained in a White belt for so long that it is going to go black after many years. In reality it may go brown but it will never go black. Maybe black was an easy way to dye the belt long time ago. In the 1920's, Master Gichin Funakoshi (1868 - 1957) started using a color belt system that a judo master was using. Different colors have been added but in general there are 10 belts in a martial art system. The lighter colors are at the biginning of the Martial art journey and the colors get darker the more experience you receive until you become a black belt. The reason the colors go from light to dark has to do with the dying process. They used to have to dye the belts therefor they start with a light color, white, and work their way to a dark color, black.

In our class at the YMCA in San Pedro for the adult class we have stayed with the 10 colors or levels. In the children's class we have added two more belts due to the addition of grappling or ground techniques. We are volunteers to the YMCA and we can only practice two times per week. This is not enough training time to have competent black belts for children. Threfore we choose to add more belts to the childrens class.

When you start in Chang Moo Kwan you are a white belt. To achieve to a black belt level you need to become proficient at the following levels to achieve the Black Belt. The highlighted levels below are attchments to down load the book materieal. Please click on the highlited level you are trying to achieve then download the file to your computer. either print the information and put into a book or keep it in your computer to work with. Only download the belt you are working on. I will make changes in the future and you will be tested on the most current information available at that time. You can also click on the menu bar for Training material by each color.

Book Material:

  1. 1st stripe white belt - Adults do not get a first stripe White Belt
  2. 1st yellow belt - Adult 1st Yellow Belt
  3. 2nd Yellow Belt - Adult 2nd Yellow Belt
  4. Master Yellow Belt - Adult Master Yellow Belt
  5. 1st Blue Belt - Adult 1st Blue Belt
  6. 2nd Blue Belt - Adult Master Blue Belt
  7. Master Blue Belt - Adults do not do the 3rd Master Blue Belt
  8. 1st Red Belt - Adult 1st Red Belt
  9. 2nd Red Belt - Adult 2nd Red Belt
  10. Master Red Belt - Adult Master Red Belt
  11. Provisional Black Belt - Adult Provisional Black Belt
  12. Black Belt - Adult Black Belt