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Master Blue Belt - Children's Class

Congratulations, you have now made it through two tests. The form on this test will challenge you the 2nd part of the Green book thoughts of changing you balance.You are now digging and looking for some gold. Yellow belt represents Gold.

To achieve a Yellow Belt. You must be proficient in the following activities:

There are five stages of the test to achieve the 2nd degree Yellow Belt.

  1. Kima Jus Se
  2. Forms
  3. Studio Techniques
  4. Stranger Danger
  5. Ground Techniques

Kima Ju Se includes( This stays the same for all the tests)

  1. Kima Ju Se
  2. Front Punch - Single
  3. Front Punch - Double
  4. Front Punch - Triple
  5. Front Punch - Low, Middle, High

Forms - Must be able to do all 5 kibone.

  1. #2 Pi an Dan E

Studio Techniques - Perform techniques 1 - 25 with accuracy.

Stranger Danger (The same as the last test plus three more)

Stranger Danger is about a smaller person going against a larger more powerful person. #1 rule in Stranger Danger is to not let anyone touch you. The 2nd Rule is to yell loud.

  1. Technique #16 -TBD
  2. Technique #17 - TBD
  3. Technique #18 - TBD

Ground Techniques ( Start on the 10 techniques)

  1. Technique #13 - TBD
  2. Technique #14 - TBD
  3. Technique #15 - TBD

Personal Fighting Techniques -

  1. Nine personal Fighting Techniques. These moves shoud be between 3 & 6 moves and it should take the opponent down.