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1st Yellow Belt - Children's Class

Congratulation on making it past the White Belt. You are now digging and looking for some gold. Yellow belt represents Gold.

To achieve a Yellow Belt. You must be proficient in the following activities:

There are five stages of the test to achieve the 1st degree Yellow Belt.

  1. Kima Jus Se
  2. Forms
  3. Studio Techniques
  4. Stranger Danger
  5. Ground Techniques

Kima Ju Se includes( This stays the same for all the tests)

  1. Kima Ju Se
  2. Front Punch - Single
  3. Front Punch - Double
  4. Front Punch - Triple
  5. Front Punch - Low, Middle, High


  1. #1 Ki-bone Il
  2. #2 Ki-Bone E

Studio Techniques (The same requirements from the last test plus 5 more)

  1. Technique #6 - 1,2, Front Punch, Front Kick
  2. Technique #7 - 1,2, Front Punch, Front Kick, Walk forward Front Kick
  3. Technique #8 - Back Kick
  4. Technique #9 - Step Side Kick
  5. Technique #10 - Low Block, Step forward Knife Hand (Ki Bone Som)

Stranger Danger (The same as the last test plus two more)

Stranger Danger is about a smaller person going against a larger more powerful person. #1 rule in Stranger Danger is to not let anyone touch you. The 2nd Rule is to yell loud.

  1. Technique #4 - Oppenent double hand push to the chest.
    1. Defense - Both hand move up in between the opponents wrist to an inside outside block while stepping back into a fighting stance whild hands ending the open positon, strongly saying stop.
  2. Technique #5 - Opponent grabs shoulders from the front
    1. Duck head below the opponents arms whild kicking one leg back into a modified mountain climber stance. Turn 180 degrees the same direction the leg moved back. Run free away from the stranger yelling.
  3. Technique #6 - Opponent grab the shoulders from the back.
    1. One foot steps forward. Turn you body (opposite from the moved leg) Turn 180 degrees (Head now facing the opponent) Step the other leg back. Turn 180 Degrees (Head is now facing away from the opponent). Stay low and run, Yelling.

Ground Techniques ( The Same as the last test by 2 more)

  1. Technique #4 - Side mount
  2. Technique #5 - Horse ride
  3. Technique #6 - Roll Controll