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1st Stripe White Belts - Children's Class

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. - Lao Tzu, I began this journey in 1990 and everyday it is a new step. Your Tae Kwon Do journey starts today. Enjoy the moments and focus on what you know to perfect it and continue on the next level of learning.

To achieve a stripe on you White Belt. You must be proficient in the following activities:

There are four stages of test taking to advance to a 1st stripe white belt.

  1. Kima Jus Se
  2. Studio Techniques
  3. Stranger Danger
  4. Ground Techniques

Kima Ju Se Includes

  1. Kima Ju Se
  2. Front Punch - Single
  3. Front Punch - Double
  4. Front Punch - Triple
  5. Front Punch - Low, Middle, High

Studio Techniques

  1. Technique #1 - High Block
  2. Technique #2 - High Block Punch
  3. Technique #3 - Low Block
  4. Technique #4 - Low Block, Step Forward Punch
  5. Technique #5 - 1, 2, Punch

Stranger Danger

Stranger Danger is about a smaller person going against a larger more powerful person. #1 rule in Stranger Danger is to not let anyone touch you. The 2nd Rule is to yell loud.

  1. Technique #1 - Single wrist grab - Defense is swing the arm in a circle starting the swing towards the center of the body and to the outside in a big circle at the peak of the top of the circle bring down harder and move the same side leg as the arm and step back. Turn the body the same way as the had and foot and turn away from the bad guy and run away.
  2. Technique #2 - Stranger Danger is basically the same as #1 except both hands move towards the center clapping very hard in the middle and then move both arms in a cirlce so both hands move in a circular motion (clap the hands, raise the hands up and make the full circle around.) Once the hands are free take a step back. turn the way of the foot and run in the opposite direction of the bad person.
  3. Technique #3 - Clinch
    1. Battle Base
    2. Kima Ju Se Stance game.

Ground Techniques

  1. Technique #1 - Fall Down
  2. Technique #2 - Front kick from the ground
  3. Technique #3 - Trip the opponent & Technical Stand up