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Studio Techniques

Studio technques are practice techniques to help perfect basic movements to help achieve different levels. We start with the basic level of working with a mountain climber stance and blocking and work our way through multiple direction movements along with jumping. There are 25 Studio techniques that you will learn up through 1st Blue belt level.

These technques are not techniques that are only for Chang Moo Kwan. These are techniques that the instructors have decided are a good way to advance the students in learning to become proficient to prepare for mastering the basics, or becoming a black belt. Please see your instructor if you have question regarding these techniques.

Starting at the Master Yellow belt test they are required to start making up their own techniques. Master Yellow and 1st blue they are only to display a combination of studio techniques of their choice. Starting at the 2nd Blue Belt test they will have to make up their own techniques. These are techniques they imagine they could attack someone and be very proficient.

Below is the list for all 25 techniques. As a student you can learn all of them as soon as possible but you will not be required to be proficient with the technique until that belt level test. Go to the appropriate page to get pictures and more details of how to perform each technique. The list is based on performing for the next belt level. If I am a white belt I am going to test for a 1st stripe white belt so I need to know what I am testing to get to 1st stripe White Belt. If I am a 1st stripe Whte belt then I need to know what i need to know to get to 1st yellow belt.

1st Stripe White  Belt

  1. High Block
  2. High Block Punch
  3. High Block, Step forward Punch
  4. 1,2 Punch
  5. 1,2, Punch, Kick

1st Yellow  Belt

  1. 1, 2, Front Punch, Kick, walk forward Kick.
  2. Front leg front kick, 1, 2, Kick, walk kick
  3. 1,2, Front Kick, Double Kick
  4. Back Kick
  5. Back Fist / Block, step out to a front kick, Land the kick then Punch.


2nd Yellow Belt

  1. Middle Block, step forward Knife hand (Same as Ki Bone O)
  2. 1, 2, Front Kick, Back Kick, Double kick forward at a 45 degree angle
  3. Step Side Kick
  4. 1, 2, Front Kick, twist Side Kick ( front kick foot does not touch the ground)
  5. 180 Degree turn Side Kick


Master Yellow Belt

  1. 360 Degree turn (or step forward 180 degree turn) Side Kick
  2. 1, 2 Front Kick, Flying Side Kick
  3. 1, 2 Front Punch, step forward Back Fist into a fighting stance, 180 turn Back Fist, step out Front Punch
  4. Axe Kick
  5. Axe Kick, 180 degree turn, Double Axe,


1st Blue

  1. Round House
  2. Chop Block (Mountain Climber stance), Step forward Back Fist into a Fighting Stance)
  3. 1, 2, Front Punch Hook
  4. 1, 2, Front Punch Hook, Hook,
  5. 1, 2, Front Punch, Bob, Upper Cut