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Studio Techniques

Master Yellow Belt

Studio technques for the Master yellow belt could be called the power moves. Every technique in 16 - 20 are designed to create a lot of power into the oppoent. Some moves like 16, 17, 18 take a lot of room to perform but create a lot of force. Techniques 19 & 20 are desinged to take little room but very flexible kicks that create a lot of force.

16. 360 Degree turn (or step forward 180 degree turn) Side Kick

17. 1, 2 Front Kick, Flying Side Kick

18. 1, 2 Front Punch, step forward Back Fist into a fighting stance, 180 turn Back Fist, step out Front Punch

19. Axe Kick

20. Axe Kick, 180 degree turn, Double Axe,