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Studio Techniques

(1st Stripe Yellow Belt)

Studio technques for the 1st stripe yellow belt introduce the jumping double kick, a muliple direction kick with the back kick. and a back fist. Important to note that while doing these techniques is to maintain your balance. Do not just throw your punches and kicks. Think about how you feel to the ground. Do you have a strong foundation or balance. The punch comes from the floor, unless you have a strong foundation your punch or kick will not be as strong.

  1. 1, 2, Front Punch, Kick, walk forward Kick.
  2. Front leg front kick, 1, 2, Kick, walk kick
  3. 1,2, Front Kick, Double Kick
  4. Back Kick
  5. Back Fist / Block, step out to a front kick, Land the kick then Punch