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Studio Techniques

1st stripe Blue Belt

Studio technques for the 1st stripe blue belts works on an advanced kick the round house (to perform correctly) and going back to basics hopefully you are ready to understand the power comes from the ground. Start with the chop block maintaining a great foundation with the mountain climber stance and moving forward to a fighting stance while creating a lot of power with the back fist. Techniques 23, 24, 25 is a series of moves to help you feel the feet and hips push a lot of power into the the chest arms and fist to strike a powerful punch into an opponent at a very quick speed.

21. Round House

22. Chop Block (Mountain Climber stance), Step forward Back Fist (into a Fighting Stance)

23. 1, 2, Front Punch Hook

24. 1, 2, Front Punch Hook, Hook,

25. 1, 2, Front Punch, Bob, Upper Cut