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Stranger Danger

(1st Stripe White Belt)

1st Stripe White belt Stanger Danger. This is what the current belt needs to learn to move up to the next level. Continuing with the hand movement. You will learn an alternative to the techniqu #2 and what to do if they use the opposite hand. Always remember the following four ideas while performing Stranger Danger techniques.

  1. Awarness (If we are aware we may not have to resort to the rest of the techniques).
  2. Stay calm, Breath, Think of the best way to get away from a bad person
  3. Scream something. (Do not just scream because we are used to kids screaming. Say something )
  4. Run. (once you are free you must move. You your body and your momentum to get free and keep going)

1st Stripe White Belt

4. Hand grab single hand #2

5. Hand grab using the opposite hand