Chang Moo Kwan - San Pedro

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Welcome to the Photo / Video

Photos and Videos are ways that we can remember our past and enjoy our accomplishments. If we look at the photos / videos we can also understand our skill level on that date and work on perfecting where we want to go to, by perfecting our daily habits today.

I appreciate the help we get from the different photographers, Mr. Robert Chamberlin, Mr & Mrs Santaolaya, I use to try and do all of the photography and run the tests. I appreciate my wife who encourages me to take pictures and supports me in my Chang Moo Kwan journey so that we all can enjoy our Chang Moo Kwan Journey.

Images are divided into two groups Still Photos or Video. Due to the size of the files the still pictures are linked to my Flicr account. Flickr is a Yahoo photo site. It is safe and you can download the pictures onto to your computer in full resolution or less depending on your choice. Print the pictures or just keep on your computer. If you publish any pictures from my flckr account please make sure you reference my flicr account name.

Videos are embedded in the web page. Due to the size of the files I have to separate the videos into smaller sections. The Menu below will hopefully help navigate to the video you are interested in viewing.



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