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Chang Moo Kwan San Pedro

Newsletter Nov 2012 Vol 1 Issue 1

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Mr. Chamberlin
The King

Congratulations to our Newest Black Belts.

Robert Chamberlin - 1st Dan Black Belt - San Pedro

Melissa Crapo - 2nd Dan Black Belt - Black Foot Idaho

Highlights -

Promotion test October 26, 2012, Congratulations to all who took the test.

Belt Promotion November 14, Congratualions on taking the next step.

November Events

November 12 - No class observing Veterans Day

Nov. 19 & 21 no clas this week due to Thanksgiving.

Nov 22 - Thanksgiving

Chang Moo Kwan Studios (See contact list for more information)

San Pedro & Pennisula YMCA - San Pedro, CA Instructors - David Johns Carlos SantaOlaya

World Martial Art Training Center, Ontario CA instructors - George Fullerton, Wilson Wong

Street Smart Self Defense, Redlands, CA Instructor Alex Paredes

Farnsworth East Vally, Mesa, AZ Instructor - Cosmo Magliozzi

Chang Moo Kwan Black Foot - Black Foo Idaho instructor - Melissa Crapo

Master Johns

Master Johns Blog

Our first news letter. One of my goals for 2013 is to produce a monthly newsletter. I have always wanted to put together some kind of Website and newsletter for a long time. I was hoping one of the new students would be able to take on this project but no one has come along and volunteered so here I am. I have learned to put a website together and now a monthly news letter. Why am I doing putting all this effort into something I only volunteer for? To tell the truth my wife and I have a Tour Business. As I have developed my web skills for the Tour Business I am applying my skills to the Chang Moo Kwan Site.


We are currently putting together a ski tour December 26, We are going to Squaw Valley in the Lake Tahoe area. For $230 we are offering 4 days and 3 nights in Reno Nevada.  We will transport you up to Reno and spend 3 nights at Circus Circus in Down Town Reno. Travel to Squaw Valley 2 days and back to Los Angeles area on a VIP Chartered bus. We will even pay for the first dinner buffet once we arrive in Reno.  Call me at (310) 493-5438 for more information.  Or click on the following link. for more information.


San Pedro Sun Rise

Thank You Month - November

I had so many thoughts of what pictures to put here for what I am thankful for. My Mom, Dad, My lovely Wife Sofia, My two boys Alex and Tony, Grand Children Tristen and Connor, Step Daughter Mina, Friends Jon Wiedenman (My teacher). All my past & Current Students. but instead I choose a picture that brings in a new day over San Pedro. I love my history and I look forward to the future. But what I really am turely thankful for is today and all the wonderful events that are going to happen.

Being November it is time to start giving thanks and spend a moment giving thanks to all we have. I am not saying we should not give thanks everyday but it is good to give a special thanks during this month.  November has two holidays Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. It does not matter what you think about our country or our status we need to make sure we give a moment of thanks to our veterans for the service they provided.  These people have put themselves in a life and death situation.  They are our front line to insure our freedom.  You are able to choose to take Tae Kwon Do because of people who fight for our freedom.  A good example is Korea.  I choose Korea as an example because Tae Kwon Do is the martial Art of Korea and the chaotic political situation there country has

Adrian Master Johns

Respect / Bowing

The first and foremost important part of training in any martial art is respect.   The physical manifestation of respect in the studio is bowing. Respect is not the lower belts bowing to the upper belts. It truly is both upper and lower belts bowing to each other.  A true martial artist knows that the only way you can achieve higher levels is through teaching and if we did not have lower belts we would miss an important part of our martial art journey.

There are so many different levels you can receive bowing. It is some what like a handshake. A hand shake can mean high I am glad to meet you or it could be the hand shake of bonding or the handshake of I do not like you. Bowing can be any of those feelings but a true bow is much better than a handshake because you use your whole body to produce the movement. When two people bow it is truly giving yourself to another. In martial arts it is our brotherhood or sisterhood secret handshake that everyone knows about. It is the recognition that we are all part of hidden worldly fabric and we are part of it and it is a good possitive vibration that is world wide. Next time you bow, Think about it. Not everyone in western civilization bows to each other but we as martial artist do and it binds us into a possitive moment.

Newsletter Goals

The goal of this newsletter is to communicate to all the Chang Moo Kwan students and make our Tae Kwon Do family closer. The format will be Master Johns Corner, Black belt highlight, Student highlight, Tips for techniques and a monthly theme. The news letter is evolving and I would like to put out a spanish version if I can get some volunteers to help translate. I don't mind putting an advertising section at the bottom of the news letter to help promote our Tae Kwon Do family. I have learned a lot on this news letter and I believe their will be a lot of changes this upcoming year on this newsletter and it will only get better. Please volunteer and help out where you can.


Being self employed with Unique Tours USA enables me to be able to volunteer and have flexible hours, so that I can have consistency to provide a quality program over the past 14 years. Click on the Icon for more Ski Information December 26, 2012 - December 29, 2012

Unique Tours

Jon Wiedenman started Chang Moo Kwan in the San Pedro area and trained with Supreme Master Lee for the last two years of Supreme Grandmaster Nam Suk Lee.  Jon started the Boys and Girls club in 1992 and him and I started the YMCA.  Jon Wiedenman is the author behind This website has a lot of history about Chang Moo Kwan and the roots of San Pedro Chang Moo Kwan. Jon Wiedenman is a State Farm agent and his office is in Long Beach. If you are looking for insurance please give Jon a chance to quote you, your insurance needs.  State Farm is a great company and Jon Wiedenman is a great agent.
Click on State farm logo to go to his web site

Jon Wiedenman State Farm

Jon Wiedenman -
State Farm Agent 
Chang Moo Kwan - 9th Degree Black Belt
 (562) 420-6469