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Happy Thanksgiving 2012

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Master Johns Blog

I am sending this Chang Moo Kwan San Pedro Blog to first tell you the new November 2012 promotion pictures are posted. Please review the pictures and if you object to having you childs picture on the internet please let me know I can take them down. Download the picture if you can. Also please send me an e-mail if you are unable to download or print the pictures. The way I download a picture from Flickr is. Click on the picture so the picture is by itself on the screen. Right mouse click the picture and it should ask you to view all sizes. experiment with the size you like. The next screen will ask you to download it. Click on download and it will download to your computer. Now you will have to find it in your computer. My downloads go to a folder called "Download". Good luck and ask me quesitons if you can not figure it out.

Thank You:

Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday I want to give a public Thank You to all the students who have allowed me to teach them over the past 12 years in TKD. I would also like to thank the parents for their support. If the parents did not provide the means for the children to come to class they would not have experienced this part of their journey. Make sure we thank people at the YMCA for allowing us the opportunity to teach in their facility. I need to thank my instructors. They make this TKD journey not only enjoyable for me but also for the student. To give each student more opportunity to be exposed to different methods of teaching and learning. I am thankful for my Teacher Jon Wiedenman. If it was not for his forsight of being here in San Pedro this would not have happened and of course my Wife Sofia, Who supports me in helping other people.


To all those that received their promotion and I look forward to working with you on your next promotion level. Some of the students receved reconition on their certificates for doing an excellent and superior job and congratulations for your accomplishments.


We return to class on Monday November 26, We have class up until December 10.

Pot luck, December 10.

We will need a couple of Volunteers to help co-ordinate this event. I find it best if I can get one Spanish speaker and another person who speaks english or bi-lingual.

Every family should bring a nice dish. We have around 50 students plus this event is for the families. Mom, Dads and other sibling. If you are busy or just can not cook then a donation of $10.00+ and we will puchase pizza's. We need other items that do not include cooking. Plates, Utinsiles, Soda, Cups. Napkins, and you can puchase food from the store including pies, cookies, rolls. It is more fun if we bring food and avoid the pizza if possible.

If you can help and volunteer to co-ordinate let me know on Monday Nov 26, We need to start handing out the flyers. We will also need help in the kitchen on December 10 to organize and serve the students. This is a wonderful time of year let's enjoy.