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Happy New Year 2013

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Happy New Year - 2013

Set your goals

Happy New Year - 2013 I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013. The beginning of the year is so full of promises and then after a couple of weeks it seems to blend into last year, which blended into the year before and so on. Why? because of three reasons.

  1. Dreaming
  2. Writing down goals
  3. Changing your habits

The first event that has to happen before you can make changes. If you have to have a dream, a thought, or an idea of how you would like your life to be. This thought must be thought of as a need. You must need it enough to write it down. Put the note someplace you can read it often. Then the most important part is to start putting the change into action. Change your daily habit and you will change your world. Write 10 goals for 2013

Dreaming is the easiest part even though it really is not that easy. This is where all controlled changes occur. If you want to own your life and control the direction, then you must own the dream and make it your dream.

A great dreaming story is the Arnold story. Arnold was like most children. He received average grades in school and was disciplined by his father. Back in Arnold’s day all kids were beaten, and Arnold was no exception. Arnold’s dad was head person of his police station but they were very poor. They had enough to eat and keep a roof over their head but they did not have extra.

Arnold started learning how make money but doing anything he could think of. Sell Ice cream at the near-by lake. He would buy the ice cream for a small discount from a vendor and take the ice cream around the lake and sell it for more money. He found work at a lumber mill one summer. He even skipped school and begged for money on the street until his dad found out. His dad made sure that never happened again.

When Arnold was around 13 or 14 he started thinking about girls. He hung out with some friends that were athletic and started working out by running around the lake with the lifeguard and training by doing pull-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups. During school a teacher would hand out a daily newspaper and have the student write about a picture or an article of what they saw or read. Arnold was given the sport section of the newspaper and there was a picture of Mr Austria. Kurt Marnul, lifting 190 kilos or 475 pounds. There was a picture of Mr. Austria in a swimsuit with his big chest and big legs but very small waist and he was wearing glasses. The kind of glasses smart kids would wear. This struck Arnold very strange. There was this big strong man but he was also smart. Most of the time we think strong men and smart men do not exist in one person. But this picture made Arnold believe it was possible.

While Arnold was hanging out at the local lake and working out with his friends he saw Mr Austria several times there with his girlfriends. Mean while Arnold also like watching American movies and saw Hercules which an American body builder played Hercules. Arnolds dream started. He was going to be the number 1 body builder and make movies to become the a billionaire.

Of course if you have not figured out who Arnold is it is Arnold Schwarzeneggar. (Information from his book Total Recall Copyright 2012).

Changmookwan total recall
He has won Mr Austria, Mr World, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia many times. More times than anyone else. He became a big action hero especially with Terminator series of movies, He became active in politics and has met every president from Richard Nixon, forward except for maybe Jimmy Carter. He even became the Governor of California for two terms and he is close to becoming a billionaire. All this happened because of his dream.

What made the difference with his dream? He made changes in his habits. He did not put off today and do things tomorrow. He put action into every day. When he started he lived in a small apartment. Instead of buying a house when he could or a small condo he bought an apartment complex so he could live in his apartment for free. He paid the price. He did not get anything from anyone. He started by being the best in one thing. When someone told him he could not act or his name was funny or his accent was terrible. He made changes, He went to school and learned English better and worked on his accent. While he was body building he hung out with body builders. When trying to get into acting he hung out with actors. Before he became Governor he hung out with politician. He did not hang out with wannabe people he hung out with the top body builders, Actors, and Presidents. He received knowledge from the top people in his trade.

Arnold did not always know what he was going to become but once he realized his dream he moved forward to that dream no matter what people told him. Did he make mistakes yes he did but he recognized his mistakes and took responsibilities for his mistakes. He admitted to them and moved on. He did not hide in the shadows of lies and deceit.

Start now and try and make 10 goals for 2013. When making your goals think about who you are. The Wholistic person is Mind Body and Spirit. Take these three areas and make goals for each. I also added one other area which is in all three areas and that is personal.

  1. Mind
    1. Get better grades
    2. Read more books
    3. Learn more about?
    4. Take classes
    5. Attend seminars
  2. Body
    1. Exercise more
    2. Loose Weight
    3. Gain Weight
    4. Go to the Doctor and ask questions
    5. Promote to Red Belt
  3. Spirit
    1. Go to church
    2. Read more mind books
    3. Meditate
    4. Enjoy the moment more
  4. Personal
    1. Keep my room clean
    2. Make my bed daily
    3. Change my daily habits
    4. Become better at?
    5. Travel
    6. Visit Friends and Family
    7. Be a better friend
    8. Find more friends

There are a lot of areas to work on and set goals. If you noticed I do not say things like quit smoking, Go on a diet, or other negetive things because that takes away from you. If I work towards a goal such as I wrote loose weight. I would write down exercise more. or eat healthy and what that means. Now take out a piece of paper or start your computer and take the first step by writing them down. Put them someplace so you can see them often. Once you write down your goals put dates next to them or if they are big goals then write how you are going to accomplish them.

Example Clean my room.

  1. Clean my room completely – January 1, 2013
  2. Before I go to bed every night / or when I wake up every morning Pick up all things from the floor and put them away to the right place.
  3. Every morning, make my bed before I leave my room.

Example get better grades.

  1. Do all my homework
  2. Turn in all my homework
  3. Get help with my school work
  4. Understand my school work
  5. Ask more questions
  6. know the school calendar to prepare for tests
  7. Etc

If you are getting F’s then work on getting D’s or C’s do not think you can go from F to A because there are a lot of habits to change to go from F to A but you can if you really want to. There is not that much difference from C to A when you think about it. A “C” is usually 70% and an “A” is 90%. This is only a 29% change* in habits. If you are an “F” Student you are below 60% or O%. If you are receiving a lot of F’s then you have a lot more to change. It is possible, but just like everything else it depends on you. I cannot get the grade for you. Your parents cannot get the grade for you. Only you can make the grade for you. To go from F to A may take several habit changes and it is diffcult to change many habits a once. Be careful, you may find short cuts to get the grade you want but did you really learn? *(if you do not understand how 70% +29% = 90% you will need to understand math better but a simple way is to check my calculation is take 70% x 1.29 and you will reach 90.3%)

Notice how good you feel when you make these changes. Reward yourself with enjoying the moment. It is not easy to make a habit change but if you hang in there it is possible. Studies have shown that it takes 28 days to make a new habit. Sometimes less sometimes more but overall it takes 28 days. Don’t try and make too many changes at once. Start with one or maybe two changes then let them become your habit. Then work on another change. If you changed one habit a month every month you would change 12 habits in one year. That would be a life changer. If you continue that for two or three years it would be 24 to 36 habit changes. Your life will be changing and you will achieve the dream you always wanted.

Start today, write down your goals and make a list of what and when you are going to implement the new habit changes. If you do it for 5 days you will see the difference, If you do it 28 days you will change your world.