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Chang Moo Kwan Forms

As of today October 8, 2012. You will not find Chang Moo Kwan forms any where else. These forms are the official forms that Supreme Grand Master Lee taught me in 1998 & 1999 at the YMCA Studio B in San Pedro. I should not say he taught just me. He taught the class. Jon Wiedenman who is my teacher and 9th degree Black Belt in Chang Moo Kwan was fortunate enough to also take private lessons with Supreme Grand Master Lee. Please see for futher information with pictures.

I want to mention before I begin that the forms we teach are in no way any better then any other forms that other martial arts teach. Our forms have rich history to them and if you are going to learn Chang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do. then these are the forms that Supreme Grand Master Lee taught us and as far as I know are the forms he taught his students in the 1950's. Forms are the best foundation to teach a student how to move from one technique into another technique while maintaining balance and producing maximum force (Force = Mass x Speed). Forms teach us to stay focused in the now or present. knowing that the move we just completed is gone and we can not go back to that technique and the future technique is later and we can not do anything about performing in the future. If I perform the current technique the best I can by the time I get to the future technique I will perform at a very high level. I am not guaranteed to perform perfectly but if I continue to focus on each technique as I perform it, the chances are very high or likely that I will succeed.

Supreme Grand Master Nam Suk Lee taught us 12 forms before his passing away in late 2000. Of the 12 forms 11 of the forms use a straint step vs the "C" step. The 12th form or the 2nd degree form we start using the "C" step. The forms are broken down into four groups.

  1. Ki-bone forms - (Meaning beginning) There are five forms for five levels, Il, E, Som, Sa Oh. (Korean counting for levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
  2. Py-an dan forms - (Meaning advanced) Again there are five levels, Il, E. Som, Sa, Oh.
  3. He Taught us a form we call Chul-gi Il. This form is more advanced then the prior 10 forms. It is basically number 11
  4. Then we have a very short form that we have put with our 2nd degree black belt form. (I am not sure of the name but It was called something like (gin su, gin sa) not sure of the tittle.

There are 15 forms to go from First white stripe to Black Belt. Childrens class only learn Supreme Grand Master Lee forms (11) then they learn a Black Belt form.

Ki bone forms - 1 - 5, Il, E, Som, Sa, Oh. All forms taught by Supreme Grand Master Lee

Py-an Dan - 1 - 5, Il, E, Som, Sa, Oh. All forms taught by Supreme Grand Master Lee

Chul-gi Dan - 1 - 5, Il E, Som, Sa, Oh. Chul-gi Il taught by Supreme Grand Master Lee. Forms E through Oh, I believe are old Korean Tae Kwon do association forms.

Then there are the 2nd degree forms (2 of them) 3rd degree, 4th degree, 5th dgree, and 6th degree forms. 7th degree - 9 th degree at this point are honorary belts that the Grand Master promotes the instructor to.

From Chul-gi E (#2) all the way to 5th degree come from a prior system we belonged to with a Grand Master named Dae Wong Chung. Exactly where these form came from I am not sure. I know that Grand Master Dae Wong Chung Trained under Grand Master Kim and Grand Master Kim trained under Supreme Grand Master Nam Suk Lee.

I believe these other forms were the forms from the Korean Tae Kwon Do association. Which later became World Tae Kwon Do asscociation and the forms changed again.