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About Us

Chang Moo Kwan, in San Pedro started in 1992 when Jon Wiedenman volunteered for the Boys & Girls club of San Pedro. David Johns Joined him in early 1995 helping with classes along with Aliseo Martinez and Carlos SantaOlaya. In 1996 Jon Wiedenman and David Johns started volunteering with the YMCA of San Pedro teaching Chang Moo Kwan. Teaching Chang Moo Kwan at the YMCA has turned out to be an amazing jouney. With the help of Alex Parades we were able to locate the Supreme Grand Master of Chang Moo Kwan. Nam Suk Lee. The original co-founder of Chang Moo Kwan from Korea. He was living in San Pedro. Jon Wiedenman invited him to come see our class and soon there after he was teaching the class every other Wednesday in the adult class. Jon Widenman had privates with Supreme Grand Master Lee weekly for about two years before he passed away in 2000. It is ironic, Supreme Grand Master started teaching at the YMCA in Seoul Korea and the last place he taught a class was at the YMCA in San Pedro. Supreme Grand Master Nam Suk Lee taught us 12 original forms that he taught to his students. For more of that history please go to the web site Please sign the guest book. Chang Moo Kwan's motto is Cultivating Capabilities. We truly believe in those words and the instructors at the YMCA and the 4 other locations (Please see Contact page) believe in helping the student to achieve their capabilities. We are a tool to help the Chang Moo Kwan students take their journey. If a student takes martial arts seriously the philosophy taught in class will become part of their every day life. We do not tear our students down. We build their character, which builds their self-esteem and a child with a strong self-esteem has a very strong chance of success. We work on integrity, honesty, physical fitness, balance, coordination. Which ever location you train at be prepared for an amazing journey